Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Spring Meeting: May 28, 2016

What will probably be the last meeting of the association was called to order by Vice President Mike Foster at 11:00a.m.

The secretary's and treasurer's reports were approved as written.

Pam Nelson updated us on milfoil control, LEAPS contract, funds, spraying and volunteering. We will receive no more funding for milfoil control, and our grant has ended. We are treating only 1.25 acres this spring as all other areas are too small for chemical treatment.

Continue to pull any milfoil possible. Our 2016 Education Fair will focus on physical removal of "nasty weeds" from our lake.

We received a planning grant focusing on water quality. This grant requires MORE volunteer hours than our past grant. Please see website for Dave Blumer's slides on this grant, and the many volunteer opportunities. Pam has volunteer forms.

We have an approved Lake Management District to take effect at the first meeting on August 20, 2016 at the village park. You will receive official notification of this meeting, and must attend to vote. The board consists of 5 members: one appointed by Polk county, one appointed by Beaver township, and three elected by you. Our members representing us during this set-up process are Craig Nackerud, Pam Nelson, and Joe Waldo. Any member interested in running for the district board must submit their name 14 days prior to the August 20 meeting. A suggested budget will be presented and funding discussed then. The bylaws are taken from Wisconsin Statute 33. (You might want to read them online before the meeting.)

A Lake District requires liability insurance. MOTION made and carried that we get an annual insurance policy effective June 1 for $1,059.

Dave Blumer (LEAPS) gave an excellent presentation on Association vs. District, the new grant and future of invasive species control on Horseshoe Lake. Check his slides on our website. You might also want to check CoCoRaHs for monitoring rainfall.

Lake clarity report from Steve Eichman: April 23, the Secci discreading was 13 feet. On May 16 the Secci disc reading was 14 feet.

On April 22 "Earth Day" Turtle Lake High school kids and advisors helped clean up Beaver Town Park. Thanks to them and to Mike Schuster for hauling and Brett Moravitz for loan of a trailer. 90% of the leaves were removed).

The remaining 10% are waiting for June 4th Cleanup Day. Volunteers are needed to rake, haul, and mow. Leaves can be dumped on Steve Eichman's property in composting area at the end of 151st Street. Brush can go along the drive-in at the end of 151st.

Perela's' reported $38 collected at the boat landing.

Volunteers are needed for invasive species special boat inspections on June 4th and July 4th. Inspectors are also needed weekends all summer---see Jack Sullivan.

Jack is also giving the depth gauge weekly reading to the state. The gauge is in the lake by his home in Bucholtz Bay.

The Lake District will not allow ownership of the Snuba gear, which was purchased by the association. The Snuba has lived with Craig Nackerud and is available to any association members who wish to use it for pulling weeds. To insure that the gear remains usable on Horseshoe Lake, Craig will buy it for $1. As long as he owns it, his liability insurance covers it. He will sell it to any member who would like to be responsible for it for $1 and then their insurance covers it. It may continue to be resold for the same amount as long as it stays on Horseshoe Lake.

Contact Joe Waldo if you need to replace aging buoys. Thanks to all who put in our buoys!

Even with high water, the slow wake zone remains in the narrows for PWCs. The lake is gloriously high this year…and various items floated to new locations. Harvey Kadlec has a 10' dock section … claim it and it is yours!

A green Old Town Guide Series canoe either was lost or stolen off the island. Please look for it.

MOTION made and carried that the Association have a picnic this year. It will be the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, as usual, but no meeting. And, the picnic witch will not be checking your dues. All dues during this transition time are voluntary. We appreciate $50 or whatever you can pay.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist, Secretary
Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association


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