Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Spring Meeting: May 23, 2015

Treasurer Joe Waldo called the meeting to order at 9:30AM.

The treasurer's report and minutes from last meeting were approved as presented. At this time, we have 112 dues-paid members.

Pam Nelson reported that while we have $19,000 left in our grant, we have approximately $20,600 in expenses this year. We will exhaust this grant this year.

We need to renew our AMP to cover 2015-2019. One basic change will be that as we will not be able to eradicate our weeds, we will change to a management plan that assumes 5-9 acres to control indefinitely. We will look for grants and continuing monitoring. MOTION, seconded and passed, that we approve a new Aquatic Management Plan.

Volunteer hours are important to manage our dollars. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR HOURS! One hour equals $9 reimbursement. Use of a motorized boat counts too. Pam has recoding sheets available if you'd like one.

Lake District Exploratory Committee:
Parcel mapping was completed this winter in Beaver township. We will post links on our website. The petition requires approval of 51% of property owners. (Note: Although there are 210 properties on the lake, there are 350 owners of record, including joint ownerships and trusts.) Craig Nackerud and the committee have worked very hard on this, and hoped to have a petition ready to sign at this meeting, However, our expert at Stevens Point feels the district boundaries need to be redefined. We hope to have the petition ready for the July meeting.

Water clarity: 16' on April 15' and 14' on May 13.

Earth Day had TLHS students cleaning at the boat landing. Thanks to Mike Selle for hauling and Brent Moravitz for trailer. Our cleanup day is July 6 at 9:30AM. We need rakes, mowing, and hauling.

Since September, the Peralas have collected $72.90 from the box at the boat landing.

Jack Sullivan thanked boat landing "inspectors' from last year. We need you again. He will contact you if you are a pervious volunteer, but please contact him if you would like to be a NEW volunteer. We need more presence there on Free Fish Weekend (June 6-7) and July 4th.

Physical removal of milfoil is highly recommended. Pull plants you see, and scoop up pieces you may see in the water with a butterfly net. This is really our best way to control weeds in many places too small to treat in other ways. Craig Nackerud has SNUBA gear readily available for divers to pull weeds; contact him if you can help.

Meeting adjourned at 10:25am.

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist, Secretary

Next meeting July 18 , 9:30AM, Beaver Townhall


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