Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Spring Meeting: May 25, 2013

President Steve Eichman called the meeting to order at 09:30 a.m.

Treasurer Joe Waldo was absent, Craig Nackerud filled in. Reported $735.66 in checking, $16,614.90 in milfoil account and $9,852.12 in CDs. The boat landing collected $2.

The secretary's report was approved.

Gary Schouten's boat was run into while at dock and the damage was $4,500, let him know if you have any information.

Pam Nelson reported on invasive species. 7.5 acres were treated in 2012 and 3.5 acres have been submitted for treatment for 2013. This will cost approximately $4,000 to treat.

Matt Berg will do his Spring survey soon. Matt will do at least 3 surveys and be on the lake at least 6 times. After the Spring survey is complete it will then be determined if we need to apply for and additional treatment.

If you have milfoil or purple loosestrife on your shoreline and can reach it, you should pull it. If you place the milfoil on shore it will dry to almost nothing and that will kill it.

The purple loosestrife around the lake is in good shape thanks to Peralas and Sam Lindquist.

Grantsburg dive team will conduct their dive during the Summer and will only include 7 - 8 well qualified divers. This is if schedules and weather permits.

In order for HLIA to receive our grant monies we have to follow the DNR requirements. The requirements include Matt Berg's surveys, boat landing monitoring/CWCB education and community education. We are required to have at least 200 hours of landing monitoring and for the community education portion we have scheduled a display at the Turtle Lake H.S. during their Imagination Exploration Fair in February of 2014. This will count towards our community education requirement for 2013.

Steve Eichman reported the secchi disk reading for the middle of May was 21 feet. The reading at the end of last Summer was 2.5 feet.

Dave Blumer wants us to form an ad-hoc committee for water quality. Al Spatenka, Tom Ludy, Craig Nackerud, Steve Eichman and Larry Hart already do water quality testing and monitoring. That will continue as-is.

Jack Sullivan passed a sign-up sheet for boat landing monitoring. These are 2 hour shifts and would be primarily on weekends. The weekend of June 1-2 is the WI free fishing weekend and there will be a heavier presence at the boat landing by volunteers.

The same weekend will be the boat landing clean-up starting at 9:30 a.m.. Volunteers are needed, bring your rake and gloves. The water level is up from last year and runoff continues to run into the lake. The landing will be in good shape if there is no power loading of boats. It was reported that the entrance to the boat landing needed some attention by the township. Steve Eichman will contact the township regarding this concern.

The money box at the boat landing needs to be straightened as it has been hit, perhaps several times. The plexi-glass covering the signage at the landing is also broken. MOTION passed to repair plexi-glass.

The Labor Day/Picnic meeting was discussed and discussion regarding changing that meeting to a different weekend was brief. There will be no change in the meeting date at this time.

Additional snuba divers are needed and anyone interested in joining that group should contact the Nackeruds.

Updated directories available in small quantities, if you are up to date on dues and did not receive the updated directory, pick one up from Mike Foster.

Pam Nelson reminded all to document hours spent on volunteer time and boat usage. Forms are available on the website.

The formation of a lake district was discussed. This will evenly distribute the costs associated with lake improvement efforts. Presently 40% of the lakeshore owners are paying the entire cost of these efforts. We would need 50% plus 1 of the property owners within the defined boundaries to the lake district and the approval of both Beaver and Almena town boards. It is in every property owner's interest to maintain the best possible water quality. This will help with property values and overall experience when using the lake. We are in the discussion and exploration stages of forming a lake district but, we need to continue to talk about it.

Craig Nackerud was going to attend the Echo Lake Association meeting on May 26th to present the idea of forming a lake district that would include Echo Lake.

The mid-summer meeting is July 13th at 9:30 a.m. at the Beaver Town Hall.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Nackerud, filling in for Sam Lindquist, Secretary.


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