Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Spring Meeting: May 28, 2011

President Steve Eichman called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM. The Treasurer's and Secretary's reports were approved as written.

Last year we collected $29 from the box at the landing. We have collected $23 so far this year.

It is imperative that the marker buoys for rocks and the sunken island go out now. Steve and the Waldos will put out the buoys in the narrows.

The dredging to Buckwalls Bay was completed 2 days before freeze up by Bob Moravitz and Mr. Evenson at a cost of $5,500. Almena Township contributed $1,000 and Beaver Township contributed $500; donations will cover the rest of the cost including the permit. It turned out to be a nightmare job which Bobby will probably never do again! Please thank him profusely whenever you see him. And be extremely careful when entering/leaving the bay to help keep it clear.

The dredging permit was granted partly because it had been done before, and partly because of the 32 homes there. The DNR is less positive about getting permission to dredge into Mud Lake, but it is still in our plan.

Pam Nelson reported on our new 3-year control grant; $124,000 in a 65/35 split, making our share $42,000. We have to spend to be reimbursed, but our share can be donated volunteer time at $12/hour.

Our plan and the grant require the following:
There will be no spring dive day this year.

Watch your dock area for individual milfoil plants. Bits may "hitchhike" on your motor and it is common to find them growing by your dock. If you see them-pull them!

Dave Bloomer of SEH has been an invaluable asset in our success so far. Our grant limits payment for professional funds to $3000; Dave has contributed far and above the $12,000 we allocated for last year. MOTION made by Walt Goethel that we set aside $3000 for SEH services if cost is over the money provided by the grant. Motion carried.

Craig Nackerud ("Snuba Czar") spoke on our continued diving and the other invasive species in our lake, purple loosestrife and curly pondweed. Information on joining the dive team and identification guides for these weeds is available on our web site. There is a "Loosestrife Team" made up of Lindquists and Perelas, who collect the bugs that are the plant's natural enemy and redistribute them to areas on the lake. So far its working beautifully. If you find either of these plants, please let Pam or Craig know.

Please talk to your neighbors about joining the lake shore association. Only $10 goes to the association, with the rest used to fight invasive species. Anyone who benefits from the lake should be willing to support its continued health.

June 4 is Boat Landing Cleanup day at 9:30 AM. Bring rakes, mowers, and shovels. High school students worked here for Earth Day, so much of the "heavy lifting" is done.

July 4 is the Boat Parade with Tim Dyrhaug as Commodore. A water fight can follow the parade with bio-degradable balloons.

July 16 is the association's mid-summer meeting, 9:30 AM at the Beaver Town Hall.

September 3 tentative schedule:
* We get volunteer hours for all members who attend the fair. This is IMPORTANT - do we need to extend the fair after the picnic to get more members to attend?

With several businesses in Turtle Lake closing recently, John Plaschko reminds us to PLEASE PATRONIZE LOCAL BUSINESSES! We don't want to be without a hardware or grocery store.

Meeting adjourned at 10:47 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist


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