Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Spring Meeting: May 30, 2010

President Steve Eichman called the annual spring meeting to order at 9:43 AM at the Beaver Town Hall.

Joe Waldo's Treasurers' report was approved as written. We dispensed with reading of the minutes and the secretary's report was approved as written.

Pam Nelson reported that the area to be sprayed for milfoil has increased from 5 acres to 13 approved acres A map of areas to be sprayed and all information is posted on our website. Briefly, weeds treated should not be touched for 14 days, so the chemical has time to get to the roots…please don't drive boats through sprayed areas. However, the water should be safe for swimming after one day.

MOTION made, seconded and carried that we make a sign for the landing informing boaters about the spraying. Linda Burman will be in charge of the sign.

The current schedule, depending on weather, is for the dive team on Monday, June 7 with spraying on June 8. The divers will cover the circled areas on the map, possibly including a large group of plants near Waldo's. The dive team will need boats/drivers and food! The starting point for the dive will be at Waldo's point. Any food donations and/or money to buy food can be given to Jeannie Perala before the dive date.

MOTION made, seconded, and carried that a donation would be made to the dive team.

MOTION made, seconded, and carried that the association and its members will do whatever is required to get our Aquatic Plant Management Plan (APMP). This will include continued monitoring of the boat landing, possible participation in a weevil project, and other needs as they arise.

In spite of what you may have heard in the past, pull any weeds you can! Try to get all the way to the roots. When the plants are dry they are harmless --- Steve says they make good fertilizer for tomatoes.

Please keep a record of ANY time you spend on milfoil: pulling, Snuba-ing, monitoring the landing - it's worth $12/hour on a 75/25 grant. Feel free to monitor the landing at peak times and when you have time. Supplies are in the box by the town hall.

The Snuba is ready under our "Snuba-tsar" Craig Nackerud. Contact him to go snuba-ing! (Send email to HLIA.) There are only 3-4 good weekends left for effective diving.

The members expressed their appreciation for Pam's hard work and skill with this project. This will be her last year as our leader. Although she has big shoes to fill, she has paved the way and needs someone to step up. Is it YOU? Training now with Pam will be invaluable for her successor.

Water level is still a concern. We may ask permission to dredge the channel to Buckwall's Bay. Dredging the channel to Mud Lake has been denied, with the comment from Dan Harrington at the DNR, "Let nature take its course." Anyone is welcome to study water diversion for future discussion. In the past, water was diverted from the Apple River, but that water is currently low, polluted, and has milfoil - do we want it?

The "Slow No Wake" buoys are in, although one needs to be moved slightly. The whole purpose of the buoys is to keep people from being ticketed. Craig Lorence commented that the buoys are hard to see at night. Joe Waldo will check into solar lights or reflective tape to make them more visible.

Four resignations were received from the Board of Directors, Paul Beecroft, Jerry Schouten, Walt Goethel and Tom Klinger. We thank these men for their dedication and service. As the new bylaws will reduce the number of board members, three new board members were elected: Fred Cook, Virginia Flo, and Keith Wilson. John Plashko and John Stary will continue to serve on the board. The election of officers will take place at the annual spring meeting, May 2011.

A bylaws committee worked on revising our bylaws, last updated in 1975, to correspond to the way we do and would like to operate. Sam Lindquist presented the revised bylaws with comments, and they were approved as presented.

The collection box at the boat landing has made $28 so far this year - more than all of last year!

Park cleanup is Saturday, June 5. Bring rakes and mower if you can.

Joe Waldo will get an updated list of lakeshore owners to the fire department, as requested.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist, Secretary


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