Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

General Meeting Minutes
May 24, 2008

President Steve Eichman called the spring meeting to order at 9:30 AM.

The Treasurer's report was approved as read; copy attached to the mailed minutes. The Secretary's report was approved as corrected: The 2008 calendar should have read:
Park Cleanup: Sat, May 31. 9:30 AM at the Boat Landing
Midsummer meeting: Sat., July 12, 9:30 AM at the Town Hall

The secretary noted that many members have been unable to open the minutes as attachments. We will correct this! Please be sure you notify Sam if you change your e-mail address.


Pam Nelson, Nasty Weed Coordinator, reported that we have been awarded a $10,000 Rapid Response grant. This is a matching funds grant: we need to raise $10,000 to get the full benefit. (Dues were raised to $50 at the Labor Day 2007 meeting to help with this: only $10 goes for association business with $40 designated for the matching funds. We really need your membership renewal; this is an investment in our lake and property values.)

Matt Herd's required 4-point lake study was delayed due to the unnaturally cold spring; he now hopes to be on the lake on June 3. This study costs $3900. After this study we will know if we can contain the weeds by pulling or if chemical applications will be needed. We may need trained volunteers to apply chemicals, which can only be done in the spring and fall, While the DNR is hesitant to recommend chemicals (they kill the good weeds too), they may be necessary in some areas of the lake. The next few weeks will give us much more information. We are at the beginning stages of this process - the DNR appreciates our proactiveness.

With the demands of a new business, Pam had considered resigning as Coordinator. She will now stay in that position - with help, She needs both time and pontoon boats for the divers. A signup sheet was passed at the meeting. If you were not in attendance and are able to assist, please call Pam.

Echo Lake has finally received their grant to fight milfoil and will be meeting at 1:00, May 24.

After discussion, MOTION made, seconded, and passed to contact Beaver Township for permission to install a lock box at the landing asking for voluntary donations for launching. A sign will be carefully worded asking for contributions for "positive prevention and maintenance of our lake." Bill Koser volunteered to make the box, Steve Eichman will ask the township, John Stary will provide the lock, and Pam Nelson will have the sign made. Jim and Jeannie Perela will collect the money, which will go to our matching funds account.

Should we continue to monitor the boat landing? Our initial grant has expired, although there is a vague possibility of renewal. Pam will check. Monitoring at this point would be purely voluntary, but is recommended, particularly on busy weekends. Bill Koser will refill the materials box at the town hall. We don't believe we have received the final payment from this grant. Steve will check with Pam Tushner. It would be nice if this could cover the $3900 for Matt's current study.


Polk zoning is still meeting on the legality of the "resort" on the lake; the language has been changed to "transient housing." In the past, members opposed the transient rentals of this property, and a letter was sent renewing our opposition. Neighbors are vehemently opposed, and have also asked Beaver Township to write a letter of opposition.

Gary and Linda Burman have taken over the 4 times/yearly water clarity testing.

As his family is growing, Craig Lorence would like a break from his job as treasurer. Craig Zemke may take over.

The secretary was asked to add a tear-off to the top of the minutes, asking members to renew now to help our matching funds account.

Mike Foster said advertisements on our website are limited to "water things": lifts, docks, and boats.

The junior class raked the park on Earth Day, so our cleanup should be easier this year. We'll pick up trash and mow and weed whippers are welcome.

Bob Lindquist and Jack Sullivan volunteered to help Walt Goethel with beer and pop for the picnic.

If you need a new directory or current refill, please contact Marlene Goethel.

Butterfly nets for nasty weed removal are available now at C&M for $ .99.

MOTION to discontinue donation to First Responders until we determine our imminent funding needs. After a lot of discussion, this was tabled until the July 12 meeting.

Buoys will go in this weekend. John Plaschko has spares to replace the one that was broken.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist, Secretary

The mid-summer meeting on July 12 is an important one. Please try to attend. -------------------------------------------------

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