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General Meeting Minutes
Spring meeting - May 26, 2007

President Steve Eichman called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written. Treasurer Craig Lorence reported a balance of $1093.57 in checking and $1053.91 in the milfoil account. Expenses paid: our annual lake association incorporation fee, two new buoys, picnic supplies, secretary fee and a donation of $500 to First Responders.

Our water level is lower than it has been since 1988. Watch for new shallow spots when boating.

Discussion on the boat launch at the park: There is a drop-off from the pad that makes launching difficult. The first corrective step is repositioning the gravel off the pads (Bobby Moravitz), possibly followed by additional pads, gravel, or recycled concrete. The current pads are barn stays that were purchased near Hudson.

Is the boat launch our responsibility or the townships? Will they pay or help pay for pads and gravel? As all changes must be based on approval from the DNR and township, Steve will check with them on suggestions and possible funding. We will immediately ask Bobby to pull the existing gravel back in.

Power-loading boats is the culprit in "rearranging" the gravel. Bruce Johnson is making a sign for the landing: "Please respect our launch. Do not power load and create erosion."

MOTION made and carried that we do what is necessary for safe loading and unloading.

MILFOIL: This was a well-attended meeting due to the discovery of Hybrid milfoil in our lake: a cross between Eurasian and native milfoil. We have NOT found true Eurasian milfoil. Therefore it is imperative that we continue to monitor the boat landing; first to keep out Eurasian milfoil, second, to prevent the hybrid from traveling to other lakes, and third, because our man-hours are required for this and future grants.

Our current grant is in its second and final year. Volunteers at the landing could monitor both milfoil and power loading.

Discussion: Milfoil can be controlled, but not eradicated. Can we use our current grant for treatment? Can it be extended? (Yes.) Can we man it if granted?

We desperately need volunteers at the boat landing this year. While the initial thought of volunteering may be uncomfortable, volunteers have found it a pleasant and rewarding experience. (Most come back again and again!) Shifts are only two hours. This is our lake-- and it's facing a serious crisis that could affect our quality of life and property values. We ask that every resident make time to volunteer at the landing this summer. We need the support of man-hours if we want to extend our current grant or ask for a new one. We'd welcome donations to the milfoil account if you are absolutely physically unable to volunteer two hours - but we really prefer your presence!

Milfoil can be moved by natural boat traffic. It's important that we know where it is and watch the shallow areas. MOTION made and passed that the locations where it has been found be posted on the website. (We know not all members have web access; please share this information with your neighbors and guests.)

An ad-hoc committee was formed under Pan Nelson and Virginia Flo to get information from the DNR and others on the next steps for our milfoil program: Where is it? Grants? How do we control? What studies are available? What studies do we need?

Jerry Schouten will place the new buoys in the lake.

People have asked about placing sand in their shores now that the water level is down. No, the DNR goes by the high water line.

There are no restrictions on pumping water out of the lake even during low water times. Some lakes require garden hose no bigger that 5/8". The DNR has been heard to say that it is better to pump water than to use fertilizer. If you must fertilize, use one with no phosphorus (the middle number).

Can we limit hours people come and go from the landing? We suggest we don't, due to a state camping island and night fishing.

     Respectfully submitted,
     Sam Lindquist, Secretary

June 3, 9:00 AM. Boat landing Clean-Up Bring rakes, trimmers, shovels
June 23, 9:30 AM. Next general meeting. Update on milfoil and volunteers. Pam Nelson will be acting secretary.
July 4, Boat parade leaves old swimming beach at 2:00 PM.
September 1, 11:00 AM. Annual picnic at Turtle Lake Park shelter.

1) Some of you couldn't open the attachment I last sent. (I have a Mac.) It was agreed by members present that I will send a note to all e-mail users when the minutes are posted on the website. (As our last mailing took a day and cost over $90 in postage and printing, we ask as many members as possible to get their minutes from the website,
2) We'd like to have a new directory by this fall. If you haven't submitted a new directory form, please do it now. Directory forms and dues checks should be sent to Craig Lorence, 303 Meadow Drive N, Hudson,WI 54018 or


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