Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Minutes of Meeting
May 27, 2006

President Steve Eichman formally opened the Spring Meeting of the Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association at 9:40 a.m.

The minutes of the September 2005 meeting were read by the Secretary and approved as read. Motion seconded and carried.

President Eichman stated that the Turtle Lake Honor Society did not do clean up of the Beaver Township Boat Landing as they had previously stated they would do as an annual service project. Craig Lorence stated that while weed whipping there was known to be, and that he could testify to, poison ivy at the landing. Suggestions and discussion of a "plan" to clean up the landing followed without a definitive outline.

The treasurer, Craig Lorence, gave his report followed with the balance in checkbook of $1562.41. He also stated that it probably would be a good idea to separate the amount of the 2006 annual dues ($25.00, with $10.00 earmarked for Clean Boats/Clean Water) into another checking and/or saving account.

President Eichman followed up on the $25.00 charge for the Turtle Lake Park facility. The monies/check of $25.00 will now be charged and not just held for use of the facility as always had been done in the past years. A motion was not made on the floor to go ahead, but President Eichman was emphatically "told" to "Just do it!" (in unison) by several members present at the meeting.

An ad in the Halco Press was placed about the meeting at a cost of $27.00. A motion was made and carried that we pay the $27.00 bill.

OLD BUSINESS: President Eichman reported on the Aquatic Invasive Species Control Grant that the association had begun last year. The secretary read a letter from the Department of Natural Resources from Michelle A. Young, Bureau Director, Bureau of Community Financial Assistance with regard to the partnership grant for Aquatic Invasive Species. Our Project Number is AEPP-036-06 and is covered for the period of April 1, 2006 to December 31, 2008. The Agreement states the Grant Award Data as: Total Project Costs of $8543.00 with the local share to be $4,271.50. President Eichman signed the agreement and checked to receive an advance payment of $1068.88 on April 25, 1006.

Further information reported to the members included the allowance of a stipend of $1200.00 a year for two years would be allotted to a coordinator. Questions were answered and discussion followed. A conclusion that volunteers were needed and a list for certain times of day was of utmost importance and that we begin to monitor the boat landing this weekend.

Another strategic point was that a document with all volunteer hours be started with today's meeting. All volunteer hours are part of the grant monies given at a rate of $8.00 per hour. Sam Lindquist moved that all Board Members and all interested volunteers form a committee and continue with what has been outlined by the Grant. Motion seconded and carried. Bruce Johnson stated he felt the committee should be started today and not postponed until we find a co-coordinator. Craig Lorence suggested that we secure a list of fishing tournaments for the year (some being held during the week). The discussion included a uniform for the lake monitors with clipboard in hand and handouts. A vest or an apron with pockets was suggested rather than a tee shirt. Bill Koser had some pamphlets at the meeting for volunteers to handout this weekend. A volunteer sign up sheet was passed around for those who had not previously volunteered. Boy Scouts were mentioned for lake monitoring as they must do "x" amount of community service hours to become an Eagle Scout. It was stated that Lower Turtle Lake already has a coordinator and that it could be possible that the coordinator could do both Lower Turtle and Horseshoe.

The grant amount of $10.00 per hour per volunteer was mentioned. President Eichman and the committee had already asked the DNR Grant Chairman, Jane Malishchke of the Spooner DNR office and it was stated that $8.00 would be the amount given to volunteers for their time.

A Mr. Jim Palz (?), the manager of the Chris Bloomer "lodge" cabin rental stepped forward with the following information and stated that the Henck (Nancy and Larry Henck) and the "lodge" (Mr. Chris Bloomer) was now in mediation. The judge decided it was necessary to go into mediation as the County lawyer fee was adding up and costing taxpayers.

Mr. John Plaschko had DNR information regarding fishing, boating, etc. on the back table for anyone who wished the newest booklet.

The meeting adjourned at 10:58 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Judi E. Mullin

A phone call was received by the Secretary, Judi E. Mullin and a message left for President Eichman with regard to the information on the "Lodge Rental" by Nancy Henck on Wednesday, May 31, 2006.
Nancy Henck wanted to clarify:
"It is not Larry and Nancy Henck vs. Robert Bloomer (Lodge Rental), BUT is listed as the Polk County Zoning vs. Robert Bloomer and a mediator has been appointed. Mr. Guy Ludvigson is the mediator that was appointed by the presiding judge. Judge Rasmussen is handling the case as listed above as Polk County Zoning vs. Robert Bloomer.

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