Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Mid-Summer Meeting: July 18, 2015

President Steve Eichman called the meeting to order at 9:40 AM.

The treasurer's report was approved as written. Coming expenses will include more slow-no wake and rock buoys, $25 for Ritchie pavilion for picnic, and $25 donation to Lions for use of kitchen. MOTION made and carried that Pam Nelson and Joe Waldo be reimbursed $303 for the election signage.

The secretary's report was approved after the following corrections: 1) In the section thanking park volunteers, the name "Mike Selle" is corrected to "Mike Schuster" and "Brent" Moravitz to "Brett". 2) The typo "pervious" was corrected to "previous." The secretary will send written thank you notes to both men.

A lake map showing pre- and post- treatment weed survey was circulated. It shows treatment is working and will be available on our website.

A new aquatic management plan (APMP) was approved at the last meeting. MOTION made and passed to have a 2-year contract with Dave Blumer (LEAPS) at $4050. (Dave is one of our "lake heroes", who goes above and beyond his contracts to help Horseshoe.)

This cost is a grantable expense and your volunteer hours are needed. Pam will accept your hours in any form you submit them.

The Lake District Exploratory Committee reported 150 signatures on our petition before the meeting. We need 51% of 350 and are hoping for 200 before we present the petition to the county. This petition asks the county for permission to form a district to manage our own lake. A District would have only one meeting a year, and be designed by members to meet our needs. HUGE THANKS to the entire committee.

(A table with coffee and donut holes was set up outside the Beaver Townhall from 9:00-11:30 for people to sign the petition. Thanks to Marie Hauser, Pam Nelson and any volunteers I missed for "manning" the table. The last email reported 177 signatures so far.)

Steve Eichman reported lake clarity was 9 ft on July 17.

The Peralas reported the donation box at the landing had collected about $100 since our last meeting. We also thank them for their continued pulling of purple loosestrife.

We had a successful July 4th boat parade.

Shoreline management is important; good weeds (vegetation) acts as a filter for the lake. You can clear a corridor of weeds on your property. If you need advice, Laura Nackerud on our lake is an expert in shoreline management and restoration.

The same people will work the picnic this year. (I you can't, just let us know.)

The next meeting will be September 5 at 11:00am at Ritchie Pavilion at the village park, followed by our annual picnic.

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist, Secretary
Note: As a less active participant this year, I realize these minutes should be an overwhelming thank you to all of the hard-working people making our lake a better place. Thank you all.


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