Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Mid-Summer Meeting: July 12, 2014

The meeting was called to order by vice president Mike Foster at 9:35AM.

The treasurer and secretary's reports were approved as written. As of this meeting, we have 91 paid members.

Weeds were sprayed on June 6, at a cost of approximately $11,000.

Carol Vantine spoke, representing Pipe and North Pipe Lakes Rehabilitation and Protection District. Their association had three goals: to improve water quality, preserve property values, and prevent slow deterioration of the shoreline. The Johnstown Township had different priorities. So a core group of motivated people began to form a lake district.

They began in 1993 with a one-on-one survey of property owners, asking if they supported their goals. (Sam will get a copy of this survey.) This survey was enough to get a Protection District established by 1995.

Their elected board is made up of a county representative, a township representative, and 5 elected members who serve staggered 3-year terms.

They feel their gains are:
    - The ability to tax.
    - All property owners can vote regardless of state of residency.
    - An increased budget divided among 227 property owners.

In 1998, they got a $200,00 DNR matching funds grant. They have no milfoil, but do have a milfoil contingency fund. North Pike has been designated "algae impaired."

They have developed a retention basin and a "fish stick" (habitat) program.

They also have had a 5-year shoreline restoration piece. Property owners get a free technical assessment. If they decide to continue with a plan, they district pays all but $25. If they implement the plan, the district provides matching funds.

Their current budget is $17,000. The budget has to be approved by majority vote on Labor Day weekend. This breaks down to $25/$100,00 of property value. Currently 62% of this budget goes to water quality, 24% is development, and 14% for expenses, including insurance. Communication is an important part, and Carol brought sample newsletters.

Their district encompasses the entire watershed. Each property gets 2 votes, regardless of size or number of owners. Elections must have a quorum. The board is elected by written vote, issue by a hand vote of majority of quorum.

(We will need to research what is our watershed. Do we want to include the whole watershed, or simple lakeshore property owners?)


Discussion followed the presentations. As suggested, the executive board and lake district committee will meet prior to our fall membership meeting and picnic.

Water clarity was 13 feet in June.

Thanks to park cleanup helpers!

We will have our picnic at the village park as always. We will explore using County Line next year (cost would be about $5/person.)

This year's picnic committee:
    - Nametags, registration, buns: Sam the picnic witch
    - Pop,beer: Jack Sullivan
    - Cleanup: Steve, Mike
    - Brats & beans: John Stary
    - Corn: Tom Klinger
    - Paper & silverware: Mindy Stolz

Reminder: DNR is enforcing no mowing by lake and hand pulling 20 feet of weeds.

There will be a new directory next year, but we will try to have an addendum available at the fall meeting. If your information has changed please email HLIA or call Sam at 715-986-4417.

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist, Secretary


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