Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Mid-summer Meeting: July 14, 2012

President Steve Eichman called the meeting to order at 9:35 AM. The Treasurer's report was approved as written. We have $1620.03 in checking, $6634.68 in Milfoil Acct, and $7253.75 in CD. The secretary's report was approved with corrections: one typo and the meeting adjourned in the AM, not PM!

Forty-two people attended the Clean Boat/Clean Water presentation at the landing.

Pam Nelson reported that a dock at the boat landing is unlikely to be approved by the DNR. They usually only approve docks at smaller landings without launch pads; they are concerned with landings becoming parks. Both Beaver and Almena townships would have to approve and liability is also an issue. Feel free to pursue this if you are still interested.

We have treated 7.1 acres of our lake for milfoil. Matt Berg says the situation looks good at this point; we can do a fall treatment if needed. Matt's diving team could not come as scheduled because of the date of the treatment; they will come later if needed. Remember if you see milfoil, you can pull it! The snuba gear is ready for your use.

Water clarity is dropping because of the unusual weather and early algae growth; the lack of clarity is not caused by the treatment. In June, the clarity level was 10.5".

The DNR will not take back unused funds at the end of our grant period.

If you can volunteer at the landing, there are forms in the box on the side of the town hall. You can call the coordinator, Jack Sullivan, at 612-616-6254.

The "Slow/No Wake" buoy in the narrows is for PWCs only.

The "Loosestrife team" has been effective; we can't find any this year. If you do find some, pull it!

There is a committee updating and reprinting the directory: Steve, Marlene, Joe, and Mike are working on it.

There is a link on our website with information on forming a lake district. Read and come prepared to discuss at the fall meeting. This will probably be our last grant, but the milfoil problem will not go away. At this point, our 80-some members are bearing all of the cost for the lake; we will need to get voluntary support from more property owners to avoid this step in the future.

Our membership increased with the last directory publication along with home visits. When the directory is ready, the board will meet to plan a membership drive/distribution method. Education is key to solving some of the problems on our lake….mowing and boating violations are common. Sam will draft an educational flyer that will be given out during our membership drive. Some topics to be included: boating regulations and courtesy, PWCs, shoreline maintenance. This will also be approved at the board meeting.

The board will also discuss forming a "water patrol" through the Sheriff's office. This was suggested by new member, Roger Rowen, who has participated in a patrol on a Minnesota lake. The sheriff's department provided the volunteers with a confiscated boat and sounds like a good idea!

Please slow down in the cove near the landing; speeding is causing damage to shoreline and docks. Remember: boats must keep a 100' clearance; PWCs a 200' clearance. Please respect these distances.

Thank you to Steve Eichman Jim & Jeanne Perala, Bruce Johnson, Jack Sullivan, and the "Earth day kids" for cleaning the landing.

Thsnk you to the unknown good samaritan who rescued and returned dock panels that were blown off in a storm.

Picnic plans: A sign-up sheet will accompany these minutes. Labels will be pre-made for those who pre-register, and you will be fed first! Committee leaders:
   - Jack Sullivan, Beverages
   - John Stary, Brats & Beans
   - Tom Klinger, Corn
   - Mindy Stoltz, Paper Products, utensils
   - Sam Lindquist, Buns & nametags

The meeting adjourned at 10:50 AM. See you at the picnic! [Link to picnic sign up form]

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist, Secretary


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