Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Mid-summer Meeting: July 16, 2011

Meeting called to order at 9:30 AM by Vice President Mike Foster

Old Business:

Treasurer report (Joe Waldo):
$1066.96 in Main Checking account, $4119.92 in Milfoil Fund Checking and $15,242.51 of Milfoil funds in CDs. With the dues paid at the meeting, we have had 85 members pay dues so far this year (compared to 95 last year.) We have now collected $6000 toward the Buckwalls Bay dredging project vs. $6255 in expenses. Treasures report was approved.

Secretary Report (Mike Foster):
No additions or corrections. Secretary's report approved as published,

Milfoil Report (Pam Nelson):
We are planning a second milfoil treatment later this summer - probably around 2 acres near entrance to Mudd Lake and in front of Carlson's. The Grantsburg dive team was not able to make it this summer, but with the late spring, would not have been able to pull much at that time anyway. We are hoping they can return in 2012.

Milfoil population is down from last year. A combination of our efforts, higher water and later spring are all positive factors. The Snuba group has been pulling lots of weeds and can use more volunteer divers.

We are seeing more Curly Leaf Pond Weed than ever before. If you see plants, please pull them. Maybe we should add a photo and information for this problem on the web site too.

Pam needs everyone to make sure they keep track of volunteer hours spent pulling weeds and other activities and report them to here (either by e-mail or using the form on the website

Boat Landing Report (Jack Sullivan):
Have been consistently monitoring the boat landing since June 1. Volunteer hours are ahead of requirements for the control grant. Over July 4 weekend, did both boat inspections and short surveys in cooperation with the DNR and 85 other area lakes, which was very successful. With someone at the landing, it also appears more people are doing voluntary donations in the box. We have collected $167 so far this year compared to $85 all of last year.

Water Sampling:
The water sampling team will meet at Eichman's at noon on Sunday July 17 to review new process for doing samples using the new equipment we bought with our grant money. The water clarity is outstanding right now, especially compared to last year.

New Business:

Election of Officers:
The board will assign a nominating committee of (non-board) members to put together a list of potential officers for 2012-2013. Elections will be held at the September 3 Fall Meeting.

Special Recognition:
A motion was passed to officially recognize John Plascko for his many years of service to the lake association. He and his wife have sold their cabin and will be closing on July 27. They will be around for a couple more days, then will be heading back to Arizona. The association has secured a nice serving platter with an outline of the lake on it as a recognition gift. Contact Pam Nelson this week if you are interested in joining a group going out to 5-O'Clock club with the Plascko's on Saturday night July 23.

Fall Meeting, Picnic and Educational Fair to be held on Saturday Sept. 3:
Tentative schedule:
Educational Fair Information:
As part of our Fall Picnic function and our Control Grant requirements, an Education Fair on Invasive Species from 9:30 to 11:00 AM on Saturday September 3 before the meeting and picnic. Pam, Jack, Laura and Craig are the adhoc committee in charge of this project. They will contact others as they need help with this. Waldos have tables, chairs and awning available and will help with set up. Any ideas you might have on this project, get in touch with Pam or Laura ASAP.

* *We earn volunteer hour toward our control grant for all members who attend the education fair. So not only is it important to know this information, it will help the association financially as well. So be sure to plan on attending!!!

Picnic Committees:
Bob Lindquist and Jack Sullivan - Beverages
John Stary - Beans and Brats
Tom Klinger - Sweet Corn
Sam Lindquist - Name tags and registration
Mike Foster, Steve Eichman and Joe Waldo - Cleanup

Meeting adjourned at 10:08 AM.


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