Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Mid-Summer Meeting: July 12, 2010

Vice President Mike Foster called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM at the Beaver Town Hall.

Joe Waldo's Treasurer report was approved as written. Sam Lindquist was absent from the meeting - we dispensed with the reading of the minutes and the Secretary's report was approved as written.

Craig Nackerud gave an update on Dive Day June 7th. Over 40 divers and volunteers participated in the event. All in attendance felt it was very successful - though the consensus of everyone is that diving is a compliment to the chemical treatments. Future Dive Dates for July 23 and 24 and Aug 23 and 24 are planned and Pam Nelson indicated two boats and drivers will be needed for each day. Marlene Goethel asked if bars or food donations would be needed and Pam agreed snacks and bars are welcome. Joe and Mike Waldo offered their properties for the dive team to camp and headquarter for the events.

Craig also confirmed in addition to EWM we also have located and identified areas of Curly Pond Leaf around the rock island and Purple Loosestrife growing along the shore in a couple of spots in Buchwald Bay. Sam Lindquist and Jeanne Perala have volunteered to gather bugs and disperse them in the beds of the Purple Loosestrife. The active colonies eat the plants and have proven to be pretty successful in the control of the spread of the plants.

Larry Hart stated that only 8 people showed up for the park cleanup, which is an annual event at the boat launch every May. The students from the HS help with cleanup as a service project but HLIA finishes the job.

Dave Blumer, SEH Inc, with whom we have contracted to design our Aquatic Plant Management Plan, attended our meeting and gave us a presentation update on the plan in its preliminary form and updated the group on the history of our project to date. He confirmed that our EWM had taken a turn for the worse in 2010 due to many variables; lake level, ideal conditions for the spreading, and small areas in the past spread and thickened. What started out as a treatment project of approximately 5 acres grew to 13.5 acres and was treated by Northern Aquatic services with a product called Navigate which is a form of 24D. (Cost of application $11,176.) This product is DNR approved and is not harmful to swimmers or fish but needs to be left alone to be effective because it is systemic and kills the weeds from the surface down to the roots. Most of the south shore and several bays were treated. A map of the treatment area is on the web site. Dave confirmed that diving is a compliment to the chemical treatments and we are fortunate to have the Grantsburg Dive Team as partners. Until the lake level goes up annual treatments will be required. Dave confirmed Craig Nackerud's information regarding other invasive species in our lake. The good news is we have identified and located the plants and are monitoring the locations. In addition to the invasive species we also have clarity issues. Dave was on the lake with Steve Eichman and reviewed our process for monitoring and reading our lake clarity. To date it looks like the treatment has been effective.

In review, Dave confirmed that in order to secure Control Grants in the future to help assist with chemical treatments, the DNR requires an approved APMP, active monitoring at the boat landing program, water clarity testing, and all of our work as volunteers is matched and helps defray expenses. Dave mentioned he included dredging of the channel into Buchwald Bay as a recommendation in our APMP. However, he stated that the cost of any dredging if approved would not be an expense that a grant would cover. The discussion turned to the possibility of dredging the entrance to Mudd Lake. Denny Tebbe and his family asked that it also be included in the APMP. Dave said he would study the issue and do his best. Mike Foster had already contacted Dan Harrington at the DNR regarding the dredging of Buchwald Bay, so he will share his info later in the meeting. Deadline for APMP is 8/1/10 initially. However, plans can be submitted up to Feb 2011 for consideration for Spring/Summer 2011 grant funds.

Discussion turned to defining a Lake District and what the requirements are to do so. The issue is complex and would require at least 50% of all property owners in the designated area to agree to the formation. If formed there would be a board that would be responsible for setting the levy and budget and the expenses could then be shared equally by all property owners involved.

Up date on Buoys - we needed to mark them PWC - see Notes on Mike's agenda. Feb 2010 has a restriction of no wake for all boats 100' from the shoreline and/or docks and piers, not 200' as earlier indicated.

Donation box at the landing collected $31.83 as of the end of June, 2010.

Dave Blumer confirmed Barron Co has a 'no power loading' restriction, but Polk does not.

Mike Foster reported he has been in contact with the DNR, Dan Harrington, regarding the possibility of dredging the channel into Buchwald Bay. It was dredged in 1988, per John Plaschko, and he reviewed what was involved in the process at that time. The DNR controls and restricts the process. He stated it was done by Weisner Contracting out of Rice Lake and the cost was $2700 in 1988. Andy Dietrich, who lives on the same street, agreed to contact the property owners to see if they would allow the equipment to use their land for the process if approved and affordable. Some of the costs were $300 for the permit if applied for following the same requirements as in 1988. Bids for the actual dredging would be solicited. A dragline was used in 1988. However, new equipment may be available. Denny Tebbe requested on behalf of his family that Mudd Lake be considered along with Buchwald Bay. Gerry Schouten suggested they be considered separately so it would not become an all-or-none issue. Virginia Flo stated we are an association and she felt we should support and show fairness to all parties. Denny Tebbe agreed he will do the background work and search for a permit from the past while Mike Foster continues to research the Buchwald Bay issue.

Mike Foster delivered the following DNR request to lake shore owners: There can be no use of power machinery below the normal water line for tilling, cutting, digging, or excavating. People may hand pull a 30 foot wide area to the lake. All other activity will result in fines. No removal of rocks from below the normal water line. High water marks do not change just because the water level is different.

Irrigation from the lake to lawn is legal.

September 4th is the HLIA Picnic at TL Park.
Committees are:
Beer/Pop/Water - Walt Goethel & Jack Sullivan - this will be Walt's last year
Corn - Tom Klinger
Beans and Brats - John Stary
Nametags - Sam Lindquist
Paper Products - Stolz family (Please contact us if this is a problem)
CLEAN UP - Please - we need many folks to volunteer - consider staying to help - please call Pam Nelson 715-986-2963 to volunteer.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 am.

Respectfully submitted by
Pam Nelson
(For Sam Lindquist)


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