Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Sam's "Late Additions" to the Mid-Summer 2007 Meeting Minutes.

We are updating our lakeshore directory. If you have any changes and have not been contacted by telephone or in person, PLEASE call Marlene Goethel at 986-2352 or at 651-735-2458 immediately. The directory is VERY CLOSE to being printed. Many people have disconnected their Turtle Lake phone service and haven't notified us. Please call if that is a change for you.

All paid members will receive a FREE DIRECTORY at the picnic of September 1. If you need to pay your 2007 dues ($25) please send your check payable to HLIA.

Twenty-three members attended a suddenly called meeting on July 15, 2007, at the Beaver Town Hall. Matt Berg reported on his initial lake survey and he and Jane Swenson gave instructions on the safe way to pull our milfoil without causing more spreading.

The initial survey shows low density of the hybrid milfoil, with higher density in two locations, which may require chemical treatment. Jane recommended Dale Dressel from Dresser for herbicide application. Chemical application should be done in the fall when native plants have died down. (Milfoil is the first plant up, and the last standing.)

We are a proactive organization and will work to get correct information on dealing with our hybrid-milfoil to property owners. In general, our lake is not hospitable to milfoil, and we are acting early. While it cannot be eradicated, it can be controlled. It's important to education all lakeshore owners on pulling methods that remove the root and all fronds. (The board will decide on the best way to share education: we're thinking of small gatherings along the shore with demonstrations.)

For those of you who attended on such short notice, thank you. The DNR has apologized to us for Jane, and she will not be involved in our future actions.

The Nasty Weed Committee has been exceptional in their hard work and results. Thank you to these wonderful people - even the name is great!

THANKS to the volunteers who cleaned the boat launch on June 2: Steve Eichman, John Plaschko, John Stary, Jerry Schouten, Walt Goethl, Gary Burman, Linda Burman, Robert Flascher, Al Becker, Kathy Vogel, Virginia Flo, Harvey Kadlec, Jack Sullivan, Pam Nelson, Did I forget anyone?

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