Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

General Meeting Minutes
July 9,2006

President Steve Eichman called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM. Sam Lindquist acted as secretary.

Sam read the minutes from the May 28 special meeting on the Aquatic Invasive Species Control grant. The spelling of names was corrected; the corrected minutes are enclosed with this mailing.

Treasurer Craig Lorence reported a checkbook balance of $2132.48. $520.00 has been put in a "milfoil account" earning .6% interest. This is the best rate we can get until we have more money in the account.

Boat Landing: As we are no longer getting student Voluflteers to help with cleanup, we may need to go back to member volunteers. The weeds along the road and at the landing are riddled with poison ivy, while a bathroom and possibly a trash receptacle are needed for cleanliness. MOTION made and carried that a letter be sent to Glen Wright, Beaver Township Chairman, requesting a satellite restroom from May to September with weekly service and that the township use their equipment to cut the weeds.

Grant: We discussed progress on the implementation tasks from the May 28 special meeting. Jake reported that bass tournaments are only monitored if there are more than 25 boats and a purse over $3,000. Judi Mullin will give Erika a Horseshoe Lake directory to use. Steve spoke with Jane Malischke on receiving start-up funds. She said we had no tax ID on record with the state. Craig Lorence will handle this.

Check the association website at Click on the grant link to see the summer calendar for volunteers. A copy of the calendar and Erika's letter will also be posted at the box. If you'd like to volunteer but there are already people at our landing, please go to the Echo landing. Boats need to be checked leaving Echo.

Workers at our landing can solicit lakeshore memberships. Enrollment sheets will be available in the box. Completed enrollments and checks should be mailed to Craig Lorence and not left in the box.

If you'd like training for checking boats, here are several options. You can go to the landing and learn from those currently working. Judi Mullin is willing to train you most weekends. You can also call Bill or Mari Koser. Following the meeting, an entertaining l0 minute training video was shown. This video will be available from Bill.

Dave Bloomer from the DNR will help us as needed.

If milfoil is spotted in a small area, it can be treated immediately before spreading.

Erika reported on coordinating volunteers; so far we have put in 126 hours.

Zoning: MOTION made and carried that a summary of a letter from Nancy and Lary Henck be included in these minutes. The July 8 letter stated that the attorneys representing the corporation counsel in Polk County are tax-paid salaried employees, while the guests pay $l,800/wk rent but not taxes. Neighbors will be subpoenaed for the trial set for October 4, 2006.

Membership: As always, we would like all lakeshore owners involved in our association. Before the picnic, please recruit new neighbors and non-members. With the current grant it is particularly important that we are all informed. MOTION made and carried that minutes be mailed no longer than 2 years after paid membership has expired. Note that addresses will never be posted on the website.

A thank you was written to Bob Moravitz for resetting the landing pads. MOTION made and carried that the note be accompanied by a $100 payment for work on the landing that needed to be redone. Craig will write a check and John Plaschko will handle today.

Tell Steve if fish limit signs are down at the landing so they can be replaced. The limits are in effect whether or not the signs are posted.

Thank you to Judy Mullin for 5 years of service as the association's secretary. Sam Lindquist agreed to return as secretary.

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist


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