Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Fall Meeting: September 5, 2015

President Steve Eichman called the fall meeting to order at 11:05 AM.

The Treasurer's and Secretary's reports were approved as written.

Marie Hauser reported that so far we have 234 petition signatures or 65% of property owners. Thank you to all helpers and all that signed.

The next step in our lakeshore management district procedure is to submit the petition to Polk County. The county then has 30 days to hold a public hearing, with public notice. (Plan to attend this hearing if possible.) They then have up to 6 months to reach a decision. Their decision is based on 4 factors: 1) the petition, 2) necessity, 3) public welfare and similar issues, 4) benefit to district properties.

IF they approve, the county will adopt an order to create a management district, and will appoint the first (interim) board of directors. The official board will be elected at the first meeting, and must consist of 3 property owners, a representative of the land conservation commission, and a district resident to represent Beaver township; length of term to be decided at the meeting.

The board will meet 4 times/yearly and hold one annual membership meeting, at their determined place and time, where they propose a budget. Members must attend the meeting to be eligible to vote.

MOTION made and passed that milfoil funds from the lakeshore association be transferred to the lake district account if/when formed.

Pam Nelson reported that we are no longer eligible for weed control grants, but she will continue pursuing any available grants in monitoring and education.

Steve Eichman reported lake clarity at 6 feet. Our continued good clear water is due to our diversity of good vegetation.

The Polk County Sheriff's speed trailer slowed traffic on Horseshoe Lake Drive for much of the summer. It has been removed.

Jeanne and Jim Perala reported on the landing donations and their efforts to pull purple loosestrife. The box contributed another $71 to our funds, making an annual total of $200-250. Thanks to Joe Waldo for straightening the pole.

If you can volunteer for boat inspection at the landing, please see Jack Sullivan.

A new gauge was installed at the landing to monitor lake levels. It will be in place only during the summer months. Jack Sullivan offered to help Steve Eichman with the weekly monitoring job.

Fisheries Biologist Aaron Cole was contacted about our fishery. Because of funding cuts from the Walker administration we are now on later rotation and will not see shocking done on Horseshoe until 2022. No stocking is scheduled for the lake because of lack of natural walleye reproduction.

New lakeshore directory insets were picked up at the picnic following the meeting. If you did not get one and are a paid member, they are available for pickup from Mike Foster, Marlene Goethel and Sam Lindquist.

Meeting adjourned at 12:05 PM. Let's picnic!

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist, Secretary
Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association


Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this year's picnic a huge success! Too many to name, but you know who they are!

My count showed 150 attendees, but Mindy Stoltz brought 200 plates and we ran out. The last in line were eating from emptied salad bowls and bakery lids. No matter the count, it was fun and very tasty!


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