Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Lake Fair, Fall Meeting & Picnic September 3, 2011, Turtle Lake Village Park.

Our fall meeting followed our first Lake Fair. It was fun, informative and well-attended. Special thanks to Pam Nelson, Jack Sullivan, and Craig and Laura Nackerud for lots of advance work; and to Dave Bloomer and son for his popular weed display.

President Steve Eichman called the meeting to order at 11:05 AM. The treasurer's report and secretary's report were approved as written.

We had a moment of silence to remember two former board members who died this summer: Barney Moravitz and Paul Beecroft.

Old Business:
We have had two chemical treatments; the first was slightly over 2 acres. When our divers (Laura, Craig, Bruce, and Paul) discovered another large patch of milfoil, another 2-1/2 acres was chemically treated. Pam reported that we "are in good shape." There will be another fall survey.

Under the terms of our grant, we will have an educational fair every year. There were many personalized Horseshoe Lake items given away as door prizes during the picnic.

If you are interested in diving with the Snuba, please contact Craig or Laura Nackerud. This is a very effective method of weed control and we need more divers!

Steve has received information on forming a lake district. The board will review this information.

The water clarity in our lake is the best since 1995.

The landing is in good shape.

New Business:
Election of Officers resulted in current officers being reelected for another two-year term: President Steve Eichman, Vice-president and Webmaster Mike Foster, Secretary Sam Lindquist, Treasurer Joe Waldo.

Judy Ryan's friend made the Horseshoe Lake platter that we presented to the Plaschkos. They are truly beautiful; if you are interested in ordering one, please contact Judy.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM. Our next meeting is the Saturday of Memorial weekend, 2012 at 9:30 AM at the Beaver Town Hall.

Picnic notes: 105 people attended our great picnic. Thanks to John Stary, our beans-and-brats chef; the corn crew; the beer-and-pop guys, the paper-product people, and the clean-up crew. As the "Picnic Witch", I'll try to make it easier next year to find information, pre-register, and get labels efficiently.

Sam Lindquist


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