Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Fall Meeting: September 5, 2009

The regular fall meeting was called to order by President Steve Eichman at 11:15AM at the Turtle Lake Town Park.

Treasurer Joe Waldo reported account balances as $861.75 and $717.36 with $21,572.19 in the CD Milfoil account. Beaver Township contributed $160.00 towards the coast of repairing the boat launch. Treasurer's report was approved.

The secretary read the minutes of the mid-summer meeting. Approved as read.

The collection box at the landing has earned $29.93 year-to-date. The own board has approved a loading fee in lieu of our suggested donations. Joe Waldo will handle making new signage.

The township has approved two buoys for the narrows. to read "Slow no wake for PWC's" However, as of February 1, state laws will mandate that boat distance be the same as for PWCs, so in low water times the area would be slow-no-wake for boats also. Joe and Mike Waldo will put buoys in the water in the spring.
Phil Dorn has noted shoreline violations: It is illegal to move rocks out of the lakebed.

Our exotic hybrid milfoil seems to have come back after herbicide treatments; diving and pulling seems the best solution. The Association has purchased a 3-line Snuba - a cross between scuba diving and snorkeling. Craig Nackerud has been designated "Snuba Tsar" in charge of the equipment. To dive, you must be certified (available on line for $75.00) and over eighteen. Craig and Laura set up a demo and sign-up for interested divers. The first 3 to sign up will receive their certification paid. In addition, anyone who dives for ten hours will receive reimbursement for tuition. The association will purchase some 7-mil wetsuits once we see the sizes of interested divers, Contact the Nackeruds for demos and borrowing the equipment.
Purple Loosestrife is also in some areas of our lake…the natural biological treatment is a beetle. These beetles have been gathered in the loosestrife area next to the Dairy Queen and transferred to our stands of loosestrife. Please let us know if you are interested in taking on this task.

Pam Nelson reported that Matt Berg will be doing a density study in October. She believes about 10 acres will be eligible for herbicide treatment; the sites will be published on the website when they are known. There is a tentative plan to divide the lake into blocks or zones with an organized attack plan.

Pam will retire from her volunteer position in 2010. She needs an assistant now, ready to take her place in thius important job. Contact her if you can take over.

Matt Berg did a second dive day, using 9 kids for 5 hours. Thanks to the Nackeruds, Peralas, and Waldos for making this day a success!

Our second Rapid Response Grant for $20,000 was approved; this is a 75/25 match. This grant allows $12.00 (rather than 8.00 as before) for volunteer match.

The board met on August 29, 2009. A bylaw update committee was formed, consisting of Sam, Paul Beecroft, Walt Goethel, and John Stary. A nominating committee for spring elections Was formed, consisting of Steve, Jerry Schouten, and Tom Klinger.

The book of our Aquatic Plant Management Plan was available for review. Steve has the copy if you'd like to look at it. As part of our plan, you will receive a lake user survey. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU COMPLETE AND RETURN IT1 Another required part of our plan is continued monitoring of the boat landing. We will have a schedule available in the spring.

Sam and the board are working on the Association History booklet, which should be available for purchase at the spring meeting.

New copies of the directory were available for paid members. You may get yours from Joe Waldo if you missed the meeting.

Remember Paul Beecroft has a de-fibrillator at his home in case of emergencies.

The meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist, Secretary

Ninety people picnicked this year. Where were you all?

Many thanks were gratefully given to:
    - Tom Klinger : a mike system so we could actually hear
    - Laura & Craig Nackerud: their hours of diving, chairing the Snuba committee, and supporting other divers
    - Jeanne & Jim Perala: hosting the divers (and, of course, collecting all that landing money)
    - The Waldos: hosting divers and work with buoys
    - Pam Nelson: all her hard work on our nasty weed
    - Marlene Goethel & Mike Foster: updating the directory
    - Mike Foster: great website

You may feel you are hearing the same names over and over. We need many more active participants - we need YOU! If all of us chipped in a little, these few people wouldn't have to do so much! Please consider how you can volunteer to help this association. There are many opportunities.


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