Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Fall Meeting minutes
August 30, 2008

The fall meeting and picnic for the Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association was held Saturday, August 30, at Turtle Lake Park. President Steve Eichman called the meeting to order at 11:10am.

Steve stressed that this picnic is open to all members and their families. This is a social event to enjoy each other's company - we welcome new members and want all members to attend. (If everyone signed in, 172 people attended this year's picnic: the biggest ever!)

We thank out-going Treasurer Craig Lorence for his years of service. We welcome new Treasurer Joe Waldo. Joe reported on our two accounts: we have $1934.00 in general funds and $17,354.00 in our milfoil account. We thank Paul Beecroft for this huge increase in the milfoil account; he has actively pursued new members and donations.

The Secretary's report was approved as written.

Association officers are attempting to create one correct list of all members available to all board officers. Thanks to Mike Foster for this massive endeavor. Please let us know of any changes. You can notify us at our new PO Box #304, Turtle Lake WI 54889. Minutes of all meetings for the past 3 years are available on our website,

Steve reported on the water quality tests that have been done by he and his wife, Dawn, Gary and Linda Burman, and assorted friends and relatives. Contact Steve Eichman if you're able to help with this project. The clarity tests have been 16.5ft in May, 13.5 in June, 7.5 in July, and 5.5 in August. This normal decline is partly caused by algae bloom.

Sam Lindquist reported on collecting funds from our initial monitoring grant. If you have hours that you feel were not included when Erica was running the program, please contact Sam immediately.

Bill Koser built an extremely sturdy safe-box to collect donations at the boat landing. A team volunteered to help install it on Sunday, August 31. Jean and Jim Perala will be collecting funds from the box. Pam Nelson is working on a sign. Thanks to all for this project!

Pam Nelson reported on our grant and project to control exotic weeds. The active and effective "Nasty Weed committee" includes Virginia Flo, Craig Nackerud, and Paul Beecroft. In addition to our hybrid milfoil, curly leaf pond weed has been discovered near the sunken island.

Our first chemical treatment was done on 2.48 acres at a cost of $600/acre. The DNR is very concerned with native plants and the timing of chemical control. As the plants die, do rake the dead weeds from the lake. An early spring chemical treatment is planned.

Pam has sent proposals to several firms who could write our APMP (Aquatic Plant Management Plan). Almena and Polk counties have never written a plan.

The plan will have to include monitoring the landing: the plants came into our lake via the landing and to control further invasion the landing will need to be monitored. You can monitor NOW! The red box on the side of the Beaver Town hall has all materials for monitoring. Sam will put sheets in the box where you can record your volunteer hours and simply leave them in the box. This year volunteer hours are calculated at $8/hour - next year you get a raise to $12/hour.

The plan will need to include water quality studies (already underway.)

MOTION made, seconded, and passed to give the board the authority to accept a APMP proposal.

Discussion was held on the boat parade and water fights. Some of us love the water fights; in other cases children, elderly, and/or property were frightened or damaged by water. We are suggesting a "White Flag of Truce" that has been used successfully on other lakes. If you DON'T want to be hit by water, you post a white flag on your boat or property. Another suggestion was to schedule the water fight after the parade. If there are water fights, please use bio-degradable balloons. Many members felt this was the worst parade ever ---boats did not follow the entire lakeshore route and (dangerously) there were people in the water near and during the parade. This has always been a fun event - we want to continue it in a way that is enjoyable for all. We will revisit the subject at our May meeting.

Although not as bad as last year, this is another year of low water level. Please watch the buoy by Waldo's point: this marks a rock bar in the narrows (and also milfoil). Try not to cut through any areas of milfoil.

After a question from a member, Steve Hanson briefly outlined a retirement/resort condo development he is proposing near Greatwood Lane. Steve owns 16 acres with 1,000 feet of lakeshore. He has been meeting with the Beaver Town board and with Polk county zoning concerning this project,. The issue is currently on the agenda for the zoning commission on October 3, 2008, and he has been meeting regularly with the township board. Both the township and zoning would like the association's position on this issue.

A lot of discussion (most of it friendly) resulted in the following two motions:

MOTION made and seconded that (the association) write a letter to the town of Beaver and Polk County Zoning that the Horseshoe Lake Association and its members are against more than 1 dwelling per divided parcel in the areas of Horseshoe Lake defined as "shoreland" in the "Polk County Shoreland Protection Ordinance. The motion was amended to include sending the letter to Almena township and Barron County Zoning. Due to lots of discussion, a show-of-hands vote was taken: Aye- 59; Nay - 7, Abstain - 29. The motion was passed and the secretary will write the requested letters. (Link to letter)

MOTION, seconded and passed, that the Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association write to Beaver Township and the Polk County Zoning Commission requesting a neighborhood meeting with us prior to the October 3 Zoning meeting. We feel we do not have enough information to take a stand on this important issue. As most of our members are part-time residents we will request a weekend meeting. The secretary will write the requested letters. (Link to letter)

Nancy Henck thanked the association for support in having Polk county maintain the setback of 100 ft for tourist/rooming houses as of August 19, 2008. Her home is 57 feet from a property being operated as a lodge/transient housing.

Adjourn to picnic at 12:35pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Sam Lindquist, Secretary

The next scheduled meeting is the Saturday of Memorial Weekend, 9:30am at the Beaver Town hall.
Watch your e-mail and the website for information on the requested neighborhood meeting.


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