Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Minutes of Meeting
September 4, 2005

President Steve Eichman opened the fall meeting at 11:15 a.m.

The minutes of the July 16, 2005 were read. A motion was made and seconded that the minutes be approved as read. Motion carried.

Steve stated that he had contacted Tad Fredrick regarding the hollow tree at the Beaver Township Park. The Township agreed that Tad could take the tree down and also grade the fill that had been trucked from the property of Dave Cepek. Bill Koser spoke after President Eichman introduced the topic of milfoil. Do we want to establish a monitoring program to help people check their boats? And we might want to consider a $25.00 payment to the Koser's for the costs of a kit purchased to present and inform the Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association.

President Eichman stated that the county is not responsible for South Horseshoe Drive safety and that the road is a township road. A letter has been drafted to the Township of Beaver and through the proper channels should get to the proper department. Clyde Theits also said he would like to add 160th Avenue.

Loyette Prudow spotted purple loose strife. Steve stated that our speaker, Mr. Dave Blumer can clarify that with his expertise.

Merle Johnson was called to report on the clarity of Horseshoe Lake. Merle stated that he called his report to Madison with an I.D. number. Specifications are very explicit and even need to coincide with a satellite going over the lake. Horseshoe Lake has an average of 19-21. We started the summer at 14 feet and yesterday, September 3rd it was only 4 feet. He reported the Level as Low; Perception 2 and Color: Green. The reading is taken from the deep hole (deepest part of lake) out from the redwood colored two story. Mr. Dave Blumer of the DNR and the person present that represents the Self Help Lake Monitoring program stated that there is a possibility that the lake clarity is deteriorating. Mr. Blumer showed the membership a Deep Hole Results graph from 1995 to present for Horseshoe Lake. The lake gets greener from nutrients, fertilizer, run-off, sewage, etc. The Self Help Lake Monitoring Program can be done free of chare with volunteers. He stated that after the ice goes out, the secchi reading is usually very bad due to natural turn over of the lakes. In mid-April/May the first reading should be better and it is best in June. The satellite remote sensing imagery can send back to earth another area of information about the lake that cannot be read by Mr. Johnson. A question with regard to phosphorous readings was presented by a member. We do not need 5-6 years to compare phosphorous reading, we just need data.

Nancy and Larry Henck were not present, but President Eichman asked Mr. Bloomer to stay around for anyone that would like to ask questions as the Henck's had previously. He stated that he would.

OLD BUSINESS: Mr. Dave Blumer presented milfoil to our association members. Mr. Blumer is out of Spooner and is with the DNR. His Number 1 concern if Eurasian Water Milfoil. Echo Lake is full of milfoil. In most cases eradication is impossible! Control and management is the only thing that can be done. Purple Loose Strife is controllable by cutting, spraying or use of bio-control.

He told us we need to be active and pro-active as a lake organization. Also we need to be educated on milfoil, continuously monitor the lake, public access and possibly your neighbor's public access points. A good plan for Horseshoe Lake Association would be to have an aquatic plan management plan in place for the lake. President Eichman asked where we would begin if we were thinking of the possibility of a plan. Mr. Blumer stated that signs were a step. They show to be careful or a BIG YELLOW SIGN showing what Aquatic Species are in a particular lake by the signage.

The signage is through a State Grant and it pays 50/50. Through a Plant Study Grant the state will give you $10,000 and the association would need to invest $2,500.

An important question was, "How long will milfoil live out of the water? Mr. Blumer stated that even though it looks dried out it may still have a drop of moisture due to clinging to other weeks or stuck in part of a trailer. Just one piece of 12 nodes can begin a growth of milfoil in a lake/pond. It was suggested that the association first begin a "Clean Boats Clean Water Program and then begin a Plant Study. Bill and Mari Koser will put together a list of possible volunteers for training.

Craig Zemke stated we should raise the dues to $25.00 in 2006 with $10.00 earmarked to a special fund for Clean Boats Clean Water. Craig made a motion to raise the Horseshoe Lake Association dues in 2006 to $25.00 and earmark $10.00 for the Clean Water Clean Boats Program. Motion was seconded and carried.

Mr. Blumer was asked how long it would take to get a grant. As an association we would have to have the application in by February 1, 2006 or August 1, 2006. First of all we need to form a committee.

President Eichman stated that the association should reimburse the Kosers for their materials/signs that they purchased at the clinic. Dave and Mari declined reimbursement.

He also stated that it was of interest to the association that Mr. Steve Hanson has spoken to a lakeshore owner and stated that he is proposing to build either condos or a campground at the northeast end of 160th Avenue off Greatwood Lane on the property that he owns.

Mike Foster has the website for Horseshoe Lake up and running. It would be appreciated if everyone that has an email address make sure we secure same as it would be very helpful in making sure everyone gets the minutes and any other important information regarding the Horseshoe Lake Association.

Walt Goethl stated that he Board of Directors should get together with the Kosers to begin a plan for the Clean Boat Clean Water Program.

President Eichman stated that Duane Paffel is still here and willing to take care of our spiders and insects. Please contact his with your concerns.

The meeting was formally closed at 12:35 p.m. to enjoy the Annual Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association Picnic by President Steve Eichman.

Respectfully submitted,
Judi E. Mullin

A GREAT "BIG" THANKS to all those that worked and helped make the FALL ANNUAL PICNIC such a success. A special thanks to our member, John Stary, who takes his time purchasing and his talents cooking our beans and brats each year after our fall meeting. We appreciate your getting up early and beginning the process of cooking and serving us such great food. We also couldn't do without Mr. Corn (Tom ) Klinger and his committee of "huskers" and the "COLD" drink committee. Thank you everyone who helped…including the "Cleanup Committee"…we couldn't do it without all of you.

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