Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association

Special meeting on Aquatic Invasive Species Control Grant
May 28,2006, 9:00 am, Beaver Town Hall

Be proactive - not reactive!!

Our grant has us matching funds with volunteer hours! We have 160 lakeshore members - if each of us volunteered one or two shifts monitoring the landings wonderful things would happen:
- We'd protect our lake from invasive Eurasian Milfoil!
- We'd avoid later penalties for trying to clean up the milfoil if it got into our lake.

This special meeting for the board and interested parties was held as a planning session for the grant. Present: John and Dee Plaschko, Bob and Sam Lindquist, Tom luinger,, Walt Goethel, Jerry Schouten, Danny and Erika Wenzel, Craig Lorence, Steve Eichman. Those present who stayed for further training after the meeting were Jim and Jeanne Perala, and Mari, Heather, and Bill Koser.

1. Aquatic Invasive Species Control Grant Coordinator for Horseshoe Lake

Job description:
Seasonal position: open-water to freeze-out $ 1200/year
- Check and supply lockbox at least every two weeks
- Coordinate volunteers
- Maintain directory of volunteers and calendar
- Report information to DNR and state (Jane Malischke, Spooner)
- Attend all 3 meetings of the Horseshoe Lake Association
- Handle press releases and inform the public

Upon motions made, seconded, amended and carried, it was agreed to employ Erika Wenzel as coordinator, to be reviewed annually. It was agreed she would receive $600 when the start-up funds are received by the association, and $600 after completion of paperwork in the fall.

Erika, a home-schooled high school student, will be assisted as necessary by her dad, Dan Wenzel, and her grandparents, Bill and Mari Koser. Her letter of introduction will accompany these minutes.

2. Grant implementation tasks and assignments

What Person Responsible
Lock box to hold:
Clipboard/volunteer lists
Pamphlets/information sheets
1. Bill to check on availability of stainless-steel box
2. Craig: possible 2nd choice box
3. Steve: get permission from township to place lock box (preferably behind town hall)
Bright/use decals temporarily
Later silk screen
Order materials for box:
Decals for inspected trailers/boats & Vests
Volunteer lists
Pamphlets Help stop Aquatic Hitchhikers
Small green cards
Combo lock Steve
Copies of checklist Jake
Check on bass tournaments Jake
Contact Laura Felda, Lower Turtle's Coordinator Erika
Press release Mike Foster (Steve has copy)
Contact Echo Assn to partner Steve
Contact DNR for literature boxes for both landings Steve
Tie to website for volunteer calendar Mike Foster/Dan Wenzel
Letter of introduction & calendar Erika

A note from our Aquatic Invasive Species Control Grant Project Coordinator, Erika Wenzel:

The Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association has been awarded a matching grant to help us take action to prevent the introduction of invasive species into our lake. Our major emphasis will be Eurasian Water Milfoil, but we are also concerned about Zebra Mussels and Purple Loosestrife. We will need many volunteers to help us achieve our goal.

Be sure to check the Horseshoe Lake Association website for more information and updates.

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