Horseshoe Lake Public Inland Lake Protection Rehabilitation District Commissioner Meeting

Meeting Date: May 20, 2020 at Beaver Town Hall

Call to order at 9:30 AM by Commissioner Steve Eichman with Steve, Joe, and Roxy in attendance. Minutes were approved.

Financial Report
CCurrent balances are: $11,798.20 in Lake District Checking plus $17,711.02 in CD ($357.06 on HLIA account) and $22.00 in cash. This included a $6,182.25 advance from the DNR for 2020-21 planning grant and we paid back our 2019 Clean Water/Clean boat advance.

Clean Boats/Clean Waters Grant.
We have been approved for a 2020 Clean Water/Clean Boat grant, but boat inspections have been suspended due to COVID-19. Once we get the go ahead, we will coordinate with Jack Sullivan to find volunteers.

Lake Levels
Polk County installed a lake monitoring station in front of Tom Ludy’s property and he is doing weekly lake level readings. The lake levels have dropped 3” since it was installed last week. Beaver activity is picking up again, so we will need to keep an eye on their dam construction and its impact on water levels. Roxy and Randy have been checking on the culver, which has needed cleanout. But as lake levels do their seasonal drops – won’t be much water flowing through the channel.

2020-21 Planning grant
We have been approved for a two-year education and planning grant. This does not cover treatment, but does cover all of the activities we need to accomplish for developing our new five-year lake management plan due in 2022, as well as some additional activities we could and should do. Again - we will to find volunteers to help with the various projects that will need to be complete to help cover our share of the grant requirements (one we get the go-ahead from the DNR to resume activities).

2020 Milfoil Treatment Plan
The DNR denied our treatment permit, because our lake management plan said we would only spray if more than 5 acres and it is less than 1.5 acres. LEAPS will do a pre-treatment survey to finalize how many acres. As the infected areas are in fairly shallow water in and around Buckwald Bay, our current plan is to have an “Milfoil Education Day” some Saturday in June or July (which would include manual removal of as much as possible).

Shoreline Restoration
Again – be careful when pulling stumps or repairing shoreland to prevent as much soil runoff into the lake as possible. Dave Blumer will being doing an update shoreline assessment sometime this spring or summer. This will identify potential problem sites and we can share the information and recommendations with owners.

New Business

The following dates were established for 2020:
- Annual spring cleanup at boat landing (may or may not be required – Roxy will check)
- July 4th Boat Parade, 2:00 pm.
- We probably will not try to do a picnic again, but if allowed – may try to schedule a social function (maybe tie into education requirements for our grant).
- Annual Lake District meeting date will probably be 9:00 AM on Saturday August 15, 2020 at the Beaver Town Hall for all property owners.

Formal meeting adjourned at 10:15.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Joe Waldo - Lake District Secretary/Treasurer
Horseshoe Lake Public Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District


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