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The Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association brings lakeshore owners together to discuss matters that affect the quality of life on the lake. The Association is a non-profit organization. Membership is open to all Horseshoe lakeshore property owners.

Horseshoe Lake is located on the border of Polk and Barron Counties about three miles northwest of the town of Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. Approximately 60% of the lake is in Polk County. The lake has 377 surface water acres.

Lake District Update

The first Annual Meeting of the Horseshoe Lake Public Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District was held at 9:00 AM, August 20, 2016 at the Middle Pavilion of Turtle Lake Village Park. Go to this link to review the meeting announcement and agenda. This information was mailed to all Horseshoe Lake lake shore property owners and emailed to those for whom we had email addresses prior to the meeting.

Go to this link to review the August 20, 2016 lake district meeting minutes. The lake district meeting minutes are being posted temporarily on this web site as a convenience to lake district members. A web site will be established for the lake district in the near future. These meeting minutes and lake district information will then be posted on the new lake district web site. If ownership of the lake association web site name ( is transferred to the lake district, as is likely, the web address will not change. An announcement will be emailed to lake district members when the changeover occurs.

Lake districts are the most inclusive form of government that exists in the US. The lake district board does not make any decisions. The members (the landowners, both residents and non-residents) who attend lake district meetings, discuss matters and then vote on those matters make the lake district decisions.

Thanks for your help and support!
Horseshoe Lake Public Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District Committee

Links to Lake District information:
   Wisconsin Association of Lakes, Lake Association and Lake District Information
   UWSP College of Natural Resources, "Forming a Lake District"

The traditional Memorial Day Horseshoe Lake Improvement Association weekend meeting was held Saturday, May 28, 2016. Link to the Meeting Minutes which contain information on the Education Fair, Lake District and Fall Picnic.

Link to the LEAPS Presentation at the meeting by Dave Blumer.

Milfoil News

A small area of Horseshoe Lake was treated May 24, 2016.   Link to treatment map. At this time, there are no plans for further invasive species treatment during the summer of 2016.

The Wisconsin DNR requires that the 2015-2019 Aquatic Plant Management Plan for Horseshoe Lake be made available for review and comment by Horseshoe Lake property owners and other interested parties. Direct your comments to either the author of the report Dave Blumer, Lake Educator,Lake Education and Planning Services, LLC or to Pam Nelson, Horseshoe Lake AIS Coordinator. The link to the report is  here. Dave's email address is Pam's email address is

We need volunteers to inspect arriving and departing boats and trailers at the Horseshoe Lake boat landing. Volunteers also provide invasive species information to landing users. If you are willing to volunteer for the next boating season, please email Jack Sullivan. Go here for more information.

Link to HLIA milfoil volunteer form to record time and expenses.

This is Hybrid Milfoil:

Hybrid Milfoil

If you see it and can safely reach it, remove it. Try not to fragment it. Get the roots if possible. Dispose of it well away from the lake.

"Big Fish Report"
Here's proof that there's some great fishing in Horseshoe Lake:
Big Fish!

Use caution at the boat landing this summer!

The lake level is up, but rocks may still be a hazard for boat launching. No power loading!

DNR warning regarding the clearing of lakeshore.

Some lakeshore owners received warnings from the DNR regarding the clearing of beach and lakeshore. Only a 30 foot strip may be cleared, and only by hand -- no chemicals or machines. Violators may be fined.

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